Code, medicine, prog rock. This is the life I live.

My the passions in life are, in no particular order: medicine, software and guitar. Within each of these I've carved out my own little niche which you will learn about through my many musings and stories. Hopefully this website will have something for everyone.

My name is Erin.

If you don't already know, I work as a doctor, code for fun and play prog rock and metal on my guitar.
These are the passions in my life which drive me to strive for success,
and here I am trying to be handsome...

In this little blog, I hope to be able to put all the things that are in my head into some place that I can go back to and think about how I have grown and changed. It should be a bit like a diary.

It will also function a little bit like a resume as well since I hope to document my creations and successes, maybe some failures as well. These are the things that I work for, academically, professionally and musically. I love to create things, and this is just a small example of what I enjoy making.

Maybe along the way I'll be able to change one life, or maybe a few. That's what I really would love to do with my creations. But easier said than done, but simply talking won't help me achieve my goals. This is my journey.