About Me

My name is Erin. I grew up and still live in Sydney, Australia. I think it’s the most beautiful city in the world, and I might explain why I believe that later. I spent most of my life playing outside, or playing inside, not just as a child but even into adulthood. The meaning of playing changed is all. When you love what you’re doing, it’s all playing.

I spent a lot of my childhood however playing sport and music. My sports of choice were swimming and basketball, while for music it was all guitar. I started with classical guitar and now play electric guitar as well as bass guitar. To this day, I try and find as much time to do the things I love, which always involves music of some sort. It keeps me calm and focussed.

I’m a doctor practicing at Liverpool Hospital, having graduated with as a Doctor of Medicine from the University of NSW. I enjoy the clinical aspect of it as well as engaging directly with surgery. One of my goals is to eventually become a vascular surgeon. But that’s very far away. I am also currently enrolled in a Masters of Surgery.

Coding and software in general came later in life. But it was clear from a young age that it was in me to get involved with that.

My Goals

I am not a visionary. I'm an engineer. I'm happy with the people who are wandering around looking at the stars but I am looking at the ground and I want to fix the pothole before I fall in.
~ Linus Torvalds

With all of the things going on in my life, to say the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, is my hero, often confuses people. But he epitomises what I want to be (not just a cocky bastard). Personally I believe he deserves to be as cocky as he is since he has metaphorically “made it” having built something that has changed the world completely, even if you don’t directly feel it. The quote above describes his approach to the world, where he wants to fix things, and not get too carried away with who he is. Similar to Steve Wozniak (also a hero), he wants to always be what he set out to be: an engineer. I hope to be just like that. Always sticking to what I want to be, and never letting it get to me head, or ever go over it. I want to be special, but in my own little way. Hopefully you’ll see that on this journey.