Code, medicine, prog rock. This is the life I live.

Medicine is my career, code is my hobby, prog rock is my passion. These are the things that make me who I am. These are the musings and stories that describe my life, both how I see it, and how it sees me. Sometimes it is tragic, sometimes insightful, but always fun.

My name is Erin.

If you don't already know, I study medicine, code for fun and love prog rock.
Putting all of these together I become the person I am now,
and here I am trying to be handsome...

In this little blog, I hope to be able to put all the things that are in my head into some place that I can go back to and think about how I have grown and changed. It should be a bit like a diary.

It will also function a little bit like a resume as well since I hope to document my creations and successes, maybe some failures as well. These are the things that I work for, academically, professionally and musically. I love to create things, and this is just a small example of what I enjoy making.

Maybe along the way I'll be able to change one life, or maybe a few. That's what I really would love to do with my creations. But easier said than done, but simply talking won't help me achieve my goals. This is my journey.