Comments Policy

Don’t be evil.

a.k.a Treat people the way that you would like to be treated. This doesn’t mean that you should treat them the way you can handle being treated, but rather how you’d prefer. If you’d prefer being called a dickhead unironically, then sure, you can deal with that when it comes. But until then, please be respectful of those around you.

Any comments that are obviously racist, homophobic, inflammatory or derogatory will be flagged and reported. This does not limit you from saying what you thing or what you feel. Most people are socially responsible enough to understand when a comment is designed to deliberately hurt a community. Sometimes honest and factual comments can sometimes inadvertently hurt a community, and those are certainly permitted. I am not the thought police. If you have backward views that you can justify, I surprisingly welcome them here. But if your views are backwards and without reason, where you go after people or communities, please leave.

Discussion and conversation is welcome. Don’t attack someone’s personality, attack their ideas if anything.

It really should not be that difficult. You’ve all had internet experience.