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Coding Projects:

  • SQLcrush - a semi-graphical database viewer usable in the terminal
  • pystocker - terminal based stock exchange data viewer
  • curseXcel - utility to allow easy presentation of spreadsheet data in ncurses (python)
  • prntspot - c++ library to present dynamic information on a single line
  • LingualOrchestra - simple script to turn text into music


  • MyIB Tuition - designed, implemented and maintaining website built in Wordpress
  • theproof.me - created for someone special to upload stories and photography, built in python using Flask
  • howtoendastablerelationship.com - fun and very silly little website I created to allow people to upload ways they have ended a stable relationship (maybe some are true)

Musical Achievements:



  • Optimizing Cell Harvest from Nasal Brushings for Determining Local Allergy Responses [Poster], Apr 27 2017, ARS COSM


  • Ego Obitum Fiet - epic poem describing the lack of dichotomy between failure and success.

Academic Achievements:

  • International Baccalaureate - 39/45
  • ATAR - 97.5
  • UMAT - 98
  • ACT - 98th Centile
  • SAT - 2280/2400
  • UNSW Computing (COMP1917) - HD 90